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A&D Blood Pressure Monitor UA-767S

Product code: 3948106
(incl VAT)
A&D Blood Pressure Monitor is designed for a single user to monitor heart rate and blood pressure. With an easy to read digital display and upper arm Slim Fit cuff that's easy to use. A&D blood pressure monitor UA-767S is the successor of the UA-767, now with %IHB and 60 memory storage it can help you keep track of irregular heart beats or blood pressure.
  • Latex and metal free, SlimFit Cuff (22-32cm).
  • %IHB Indicator to show frequency of Irregular Heartbeat.
  • Cuff Fit Error Indicator.
  • Movement Error Indicator.
  • WHO Blood Pressure Classification Indicator.
  • 60-memory + Average Reading.
  • Dimensions approx. 140(W)x60(H)x 105(D)mm.
  • Weight approx. 245g(excluding batteries).
  • Power supply: 4x1.5V batteries (R6P, LR6 or AA) or AC adapter (TB-233) --Not included.
Directions for Use:
Slide cuff and secure comfortably on your upper arm. Press START button. This will automatically inflate the cuff. Your blood pressure readings and heart rate will display on the LED digital display.

*A&D Blood Pressure Monitor UA-767S is not to be used for diagnosis. Use for monitoring purposes only.*