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Chesty, Phlegmy Coughs

Chesty Cough Remedies:Chesty Cough Natural Remedies:

A chesty cough is a name commonly given to viral bronchial congestion; a cough where mucus sits on the chest and the persistent coughing up of phlegm are the most common symptoms. This will need treating with an expectorant which is used to loosen up the phlegm and clear the airways. The ingredients often found in chesty cough medicines are guaifenesin, ipecachuana and ammonium citrate. Also available are syrups containing antihistamines such as diphenhydramine hydrochloride and promethazine. These act as decongestants and help to prevent mucus from running down the back of the throat.

Phlegm and Mucus:
When you have a cold, mucous membranes produce phlegm or catarrh and "snot". In the early stages of a cold, the mucus appears clear and transparent - this may appear to be the most "normal" looking thing you'll find in your hanky whilst being poorly, but is in fact the most contagious phase. When you blow your nose and cough up yellow phlegm, it looks nasty but this is actually a good sign. This means your immune system is fighting the cold. If you experience dark brown phlegm, this is usually the sign of infection. At this stage you may need to visit the doctor to see if they can recommend a stronger medicine. If you cough up blood, contact a doctor as soon as you can for an oral examination. Coughs caused by smoking or asthma will also need specific treatment, not a cold remedy.

Chesty Cough Remedies:

Veno's Expectorant for Chesty Coughs 100ml
Veno's Expectorant for Chesty Coughs 100ml: This syrup contains guaifenesin to loosen phlegm. It also contains liquid glucose and treacle to soothe the throat. The glucose and treacle help to prevent further irritations causing the cough reflex, whilst the guaifenesin clears your airways. This formula is to help clear your chesty cough, and soothe a sore throat.   More >>>
Price: £2.99 (incl VAT)
Veno's Expectorant Chesty Coughs 160ml
Veno's Expectorant Chesty Coughs 160ml: Veno's Expectorant has a Non Drowsy formula and relieves the symptoms of chesty coughs and catarrh.   More >>>
Price: £3.85 (incl VAT)
Numark Chesty Cough 200ml
Numark Chesty Cough 200ml: Numark Chesty Cough 200ml with Glycerin, Lemon and Ipecacuanha is an oral solution for the symptomatic relief of chesty coughs.   More >>>
Price: £1.65 (incl VAT)
Numark Chesty Cough Expectorant 200ml
Numark Chesty Cough Expectorant 200ml:   More >>>
Price: £2.49 (incl VAT)
Benylin Chesty Coughs (Original) 300ml
Benylin Chesty Coughs (Original) 300ml: This syrup contains antihistamine and menthol to breathe easier. Benylin Chesty Coughs is a Raspberry flavoured syrup. It contains diphenhydramine, an antihistamine and decongestant, to loosen phlegm and clear bronchial congestion.   More >>>
Price: £7.75 (incl VAT)
Buttercup Syrup 75ml
Buttercup Syrup 75ml: Buttercup is a liquid to be taken orally. It contains squill liquid extract 0.062% v/v and capsicum tincture 0.05% v/v and has been formulated to help relieve coughs, colds, sore throats and hoarseness.
  More >>>
Price: £3.50 (incl VAT)
Buttercup 200ml
Buttercup 200ml: Buttercup is a liquid to be taken orally. It contains squill liquid extract 0.062% v/v and capsicum tincture 0.05% v/v and has been formulated to help relieve coughs, colds, sore throats and hoarseness.
  More >>>
Price: £4.95 (incl VAT)
Meltus Expectorant for Chesty Coughs and Catarrh 200ml
Meltus Expectorant for Chesty Coughs and Catarrh 200ml: This soothing syrup contains guaifenesin 100mg and the antiseptic cetylpyridinium chloride 2.5mg. The antiseptic action in adult Meltus Expectorant helps to kill bacteria in the mouth and throat. It also contains purified honey 500mg and sucrose to coat and soothe the throat and help prevent further coughing.   More >>>
Price: £4.99 (incl VAT)
Sorry, this item is currently unavailable. Click here to receive notification when this product comes back into stock.
Robitussin Chesty Cough Medicine 100ml
Robitussin Chesty Cough Medicine 100ml:
This sugar free syrup contains Guaifenesin • Sugar free • Adults and children 2 years + •
Expectorant for treatment of coughs.   More >>>
Price: £3.69 (incl VAT)
Numark Mentholated Bronchial Balsam 200ml
Numark Mentholated Bronchial Balsam 200ml: Numark Mentholated Bronchial Balsam is non-drowsy and relieves coughs, colds and catarrh.   More >>>
Price: £1.30 (incl VAT)
Numark Mucus Cough Oral Solution 200ml
Numark Mucus Cough Oral Solution 200ml: for the relief of unproductive coughs.   More >>>
Price: £1.79 (incl VAT)
Covonia Mentholated Cough Mixture 300ml
Covonia Mentholated Cough Mixture 300ml:
This syrup contains Levomenthol 4mg, squill tincture 0.6ml and Liquorice liquid extract 0.125ml •
Covonia Mentholated Expectorant has been formulated for troublesome, chesty coughs.   More >>>
Price: £5.95 (incl VAT)
Actifed Multi-Action - Chesty Coughs 100ml
Actifed Multi-Action - Chesty Coughs 100ml:
This is a menthol liquid containing Guaifenesin 100mg, Pseudoephedrine 30mg and antihistamine (Triprolidine hydrochloride 1.25mg) •
Actifed Multi-Action for Chesty Coughs works in 3 ways: loosens up stubborn phlegm, has an active decongestant and helps to prevent extra mucus.
For a similar alternative, try Sudafed Expectorant - non-drowsy (cherry)...   More >>>
Price: £3.60 (incl VAT)
Benylin Mucus Cough Night 150ml
Benylin Mucus Cough Night 150ml: Benylin Mucus Cough Night contains guaifenesin, diphenhydramine and levomenthol to thin and loosen mucus and relieve congestion.   More >>>
Price: £5.10 (incl VAT)
Bell's Cough Linctus 200ml
Bell's Cough Linctus 200ml: Bell's Cough Linctus 200ml provides relief from the symptoms of colds, sore throats, irritating and chesty coughs.   More >>>
Price: £1.99 (incl VAT)

Chesty Cough Natural Remedies:

Buttercup Broncho Stop Cough Syrup 200ml
Buttercup Broncho Stop Cough Syrup 200ml: Buttercup Broncho Stop cough syrup is a traditional herbal medicinal product for the relief of dry, chesty coughs and catarrh.   More >>>
Price: £7.95 (incl VAT)
A. Vogel Ivy-Thyme Complex 50ml
A. Vogel Ivy-Thyme Complex 50ml: This natural liquorice flavoured tincture contains ivy, thyme, aniseed and eucalyptus and helps dispersion of mucus and catarrh associated with bacterial or viral infections on the chest. It has a mild cough-suppressing action and helps to soothe any irritation on the chest and in the respiratory tract.
  More >>>
Price: £7.99 (incl VAT) (Buy any 3 or more A. Vogel products and save 5%)
Unicough 150ml
Unicough 150ml: Unicough effectively treats and relieves troublesome 'common' coughs that are often related to a common cold.   More >>>
Price: £7.79 (incl VAT)
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