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Cold and Flu Brands

We have arranged our cough, cold and flu medicines by brand to make it easier to find for the product you are looking for. If you would prefer to search by product type, the please take a look at our Cold and Flu Relief Page.

Actifed Actifed: Actifed provides symptomatic relief of of upper respiratory tract disorders, dry, tickly and also chesty coughs, as well as a stuffed up nose. The Actifed range includes Multi-Action Actifed Tablets, Multi-Action Actifed for Dry Coughs and Multi-Action Actifed for Chesty Coughs.   More >>>
A. Vogel A. Vogel: A. Vogel offer a natural solution to help ease the symptoms associated with coughs and colds.   More >>>
Beechams Beechams: Beechams can be counted on to provide relief and comfort from the symptoms of cold and flu.   More >>>
Benylin Benylin: For over 50 years people have turned to Benylin to help relieve sore throats, coughs, and the symptoms of colds and flu. The Benylin range includes oral solutions, capsules, powders and tablets. In addition to the range of adult remedies, Benylin also offers a good range of childrens cough medicines.   More >>>
Buttercup Buttercup: Buttercup is a liquid to be taken orally. It contains Squill Liquid Extract 0.062% v/v and Capsicum Tincture 0.05% v/v and has been formulated to help relieve coughs, colds, sore throats, hoarseness.
  More >>>
Calpol Calpol: The Calpol range has products for children of all ages that will help soothe aches and pains and calm feverishness and high temperatures.   More >>>
Care +:            More >>>
Covonia Covonia: Covonia specialise in providing powerful and efficient relief for sore throats, cold and flu, coughs, congestion and catarrh. Voted one the UK's most trusted brands by Reader's Digest in 2005.   More >>>
Langdale's Essence of Cinnamon Langdale's Essence of Cinnamon: Naturally warming when feeling cold or chilled.
This warming aromatic blend of natural ingredients promotes a general feeling of well being.   More >>>
Lemsip Lemsip: Coughs, colds and flu can strike at the worst of times. Luckily Lemsip has a range of soothing remedies to relieve the symptoms and let you make the most of your day.   More >>>
Mentholatum Mentholatum: Mentholatum Vapour Rub provides symptomatic relief of colds, catarrh, muscular pain and stiffness.   More >>>
Otrivine Otrivine: Otrivine products offer symptomatic relief of the symptoms of colds and influenza.   More >>>
Night Nurse Night Nurse: Night Nurse was formulated to help those with cold and flu symptoms get a better night's sleep.   More >>>
Nurofen Cold & Flu Nurofen Cold & Flu: Nurofen Cold & Flu is a non-drowsy formula for the relief of symptoms of cold and flu with associated congestion, including aches and pains, headache, fever, sore throat, blocked nose and sinuses.   More >>>
Olbas Olbas: The Olbas range contain essential oils for the symptomatic relief of nasal congestion, colds, coughs, catarrh, sore throats and flu. Also effective in providing decongestion relief caused by hayfever and allergy.   More >>>
Robitussin Robitussin:   More >>>
Sudafed Sudafed: A range of sprays, capsules and liquids from Sudafed.   More >>>
Tixylix Tixylix: A range of infant and children's cough mixtures to target the symptoms of different kinds of coughs and congestion...   More >>>
Vicks Vicks: Vicks offer a range of products to help fight the symptoms of cold and flu including the new First Defence products to help you combat your cold before it takes hold.   More >>>
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