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Holiday and Travel

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Stay safe, comfortable and protected whether travelling the globe or spending a weekend at the sea side. Before you travel always prepare for every eventuality; take a look at our range of products to help check of your travel list.

Sun Protection

Sun Screen

Sun Screen  
Sun lotions, sun creams, sun blocks and lip protection that keep your skin safe from the sun's harmful and damaging rays. Express Cehmist offer creams and lotions specifically for the Face, Body and Sun Cream for Children.   More >>>

Sun Care For Babies And Children

Sun Care For Babies And Children  
Babies and children should be kept in the shade between 11am & 3pm especially around midday. Children should wear an oversized t/shirt, hat and glasses and cover any exposed skin with sunscreen. There many sun protection products available for babies and children's sensitive, delicate skin.   More >>>

Sun Care For The Face

Sun Care For The Face  
At Express Chemist we have a range of SPF UVA/UVB sun protection face creams and lotions for oily, sensitive to dry skin types.   More >>>

Sunburn Relief

Sunburn Relief  
Sunburnt skin can be minor or serious and very uncomfortable. Severe sunburn will require more intense treatments and the use of skin healing products. Express Chemist also have anti-itch products plus soothing and cooling gels.   More >>>

Medical Supplies

Insect Repellents

Insect Repellents  
A range of sprays, creams, lotions, wipes and electric plug-ins that will protect you from biting insects such as mosquitoes, horseflies, midges and ticks and insect transmitted diseases.   More >>>

Bites and Sting Relief

Bites and Sting Relief  
Sprays, creams and ointments for relief from insect bites and stings including Eurax HC, Jungle Formula and Anthisan.   More >>>


Diarrhoea can be an inevitable factor of travelling in hot countries. Don't let it ruin your holiday; go prepared.
A Probiotic may help to prevent traveller's diarrhoea.   More >>>


Treatments for fungal infections such as fungal sweat rash, athlete's foot, and thrush. Essential is you are travelling somewhere hot and humid.   More >>>

First Aid

First Aid  
Plasters, bandages, antiseptics, anaesthetics and first aid kits to make sure you have everyting you need in case of an emergency.   More >>>

Magicool Cooling Sprays

Magicool Cooling Sprays  
A range of Magicool super cooling body and face sprays. Those prone to heat rash can arm themselves with Magicool Plus - Treats Prickly Heat and for summer dermatitis, bite and sting relief try Magicool Plus Itchy Skin.   More >>>


If you are prone to getting heat stroke and migraines, Take a look at our range of migraine tablets and soothing, cooling gel patches.   More >>>

Condoms and Contraception

Condoms and Contraception  
The easiest way to maintain a safe and healthy sex life is to use contraception. Take a look at our range of condoms, femidoms and contraceptive jelly.   More >>>


Nausea and Travel Sickness

Nausea and Travel Sickness  
Treatments for travel sickness including tablets, patches, gum and wrist bands.   More >>>

Travel Accessories

Travel Accessories  
Travel adaptors, flight socks, ear plugs All the essential accessories you need when travelling.   More >>>


Travel Hygiene and Toileting

Travel Hygiene and Toileting  
Travel wipes, cleaners and even disposable urinals for adults and kids to help deal with any sticky situation!   More >>>


Travel essentials such as deodorants, shower gels, tissues, toothpaste and more to make sure you have everything you need for your travels.   More >>>


Popular Holiday and Travel Products

Popular Holiday and Travel Products  
** Our Essential Products for Travellers **
View our one-stop list of the products that could be essential for you on your travels.   More >>>

Summer Products

Summer Products  
Essentials for warm weather   More >>>
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