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Sylk FAQs

Sylk FAQs

Is Sylk suitable as a sexual lubricant?

Yes, Sylk is suitable as a regular sexual lubricant. It is water-based and does not damage condoms.

Can Sylk treat vaginal dryness?

Yes, Sylk is suitable for use throughout the day to treat vaginal dryness. The bottle is small enough to carry in a handbag, with a convenient flip-top lid.

What chemicals does Sylk contain?

The key ingredient of Sylk is a kiwi fruit extract. This is the same ingredient that makes the inside of the skin of the kiwi fruit slippery and moist. It thus helps the product to be both a lubricant and a moisturiser. Of course, kiwi fruit is also a natural ingredient and is non-toxic.

Sylk is a water-based lubricant, and indeed has a liquid consistency that makes it easy to apply. However, it also contains glycerine which helps it maintain a slightly thicker consistency and prevent the lubricant from running away.

Sylk does not contain any parabens or toxic chemicals. The full list of ingredients of sylk are: Purified water, kiwifruit plant extract, citrus seed extract, xanthan plant extract, vegetable glycerine, citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium citrate.

What makes Sylk different from any other lubricant?

Sylk is actually approved by the NHS and prescribed by doctors to treat vaginal dryness. It's suitable for all such applications, including insertion of tampons and menopause-related dryness. There are many similar products that come and go out of fashion (a selection of the best can be found on our lubricants page). However, Sylk is a constant and trusted lubricant for a wide range of conditions. Thousands of women of all ages enjoy Sylk.

Is Sylk safe for use with condoms?

Yes. Sylk is water-based and hence safe for use with condoms.

How does Sylk compare to products such as KY Jelly?

KY Jelly has a gel-like consistency and is a very basic lubricant. Sylk is far more slippery and has a more effective lubricating effect. It also has a more liquid consistency. Sylk is a little more pricey but a bottle goes further. Note also that Sylk is designed to have natural ingredients and is free from all parabens and any ingredients that are considered to be harmful. This being said, KY Jelly has been around for years and is also considered to be perfectly safe. If you are on a tight budget, you may prefer KY Jelly, but otherwise we would recommend Sylk for most applications.

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