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Condoms are still the most effective method of preventing the spread of STDs and providing birth control. Durex and Condomi are leading manufacturers of condoms within the UK and Europe.

Use in conjunction with an intimate lubricant for pleasurable, comfortable love-making.

Condom Brands:


Regular Condoms:

Durex Extra Safe 6 Condoms
Durex Extra Safe 6 Condoms:   More >>>
Price: £3.99 (incl VAT)
Durex Extra Safe 12 Condoms
Durex Extra Safe 12 Condoms:   More >>>
Price: £6.80 (incl VAT)
Durex Intense Ribbed and Dotted 12 Condoms
Durex Intense Ribbed and Dotted 12 Condoms:   More >>>
Price: £9.99 (incl VAT)
Pasante Regular Condoms 3
Pasante Regular Condoms 3:   More >>>
Price: £1.45 (incl VAT)

Thin Condoms:

Durex Elite 12
Durex Elite 12:   More >>>
Price: £6.10 (incl VAT)
Durex Thin Feel 6 Condoms
Durex Thin Feel 6 Condoms:   More >>>
Price: £3.99 (incl VAT)
Durex Thin Feel 12 Condoms
Durex Thin Feel 12 Condoms:   More >>>
Price: £6.70 (incl VAT)

Female Condoms:

Pasante Female Condom
Pasante Female Condom:   More >>>
Price: £4.39 (incl VAT)

Flavoured Condoms:

Pasante Flavours Condoms 3
Pasante Flavours Condoms 3:   More >>>
Price: £1.45 (incl VAT)
Pasante Fizzy Cola Condoms 3
Pasante Fizzy Cola Condoms 3:   More >>>
Price: £1.39 (incl VAT)

Large Condoms

Pasante King Size Condoms 12
Pasante King Size Condoms 12: Pasante King Size Condoms 12, wider and longer condoms for those who find regular condoms are a tight fit.   More >>>
Price: £4.29 (incl VAT)

Textured Condoms

Pasante Ribs and Dots Condoms 3
Pasante Ribs and Dots Condoms 3: Pasante Ribs and Dots Condoms 3, textured with ribs and dots for maximum pleasure.   More >>>
Price: £1.35 (incl VAT)
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