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Veet for Men FAQs

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Should I buy the strips or the gel?

The Veet wax strips offer the best possible hair removal, because they remove the hair from the root. However, waxing is quite painful, particularly for those with sensitive skin. Waxing is also best for the experienced.

You can use Veet Wax Strips on your chest. However, you should avoid use around the nipples as this is very delicate skin.

The Veet gel cream is generally not painful, though it's not quite as effective as the wax strips, because it does not pull the hair out from the root. However, it does leave the hair smooth and rounded, due to the fact that it dissolves the protein in the hair. So using the gel cream is still a significant advantage over shaving.

Of course, if you are irritated by any of the ingredients in the gel, then you may still experience some discomfort - but the gel is great if you really want to avoid waxing.

Overall, you may end up preferring the gel for some areas and the wax for others. It is good to try both to see how you get on!

What advantage does Veet for Men offer over shaving?

Shaving cuts the hair with a sharp cut. This means that the hair continues to grow, and when the hair does emerge, it is rough and stubbly.

Because waxing pulls the hair out from the roots, the hair will take much much longer to regrow. When the hair does regrow, it is soft because it has a rounded tip. The more often you wax, over time, every hair re-growth in most cases will be thinner, softer and there will be less of them.

With the gel, the hair is not removed from the root so hair regrows almost as quickly as with shaving. However, because the hair has not been cut, the regrown hair does have a rounded tip, and so still feels smoother.

In addition, shaving carries the risk of razor cuts, which does not happen with waxing or the gel/cream.

What direction does my hair grow in each part of the body?

Veet for men wax strips must be applied in the direction of the growth of the hair, and removed in the opposite directions. The relevant directions are:
  • Legs - the hair grows downwards, i.e. from knee to ankle.
  • Arms - generally grows towards the hand.
  • Back - this is often all over the place, so you will have to check. Usually downwards though.
  • Underarms - this generally grows from 2 different directions in 2 different parts, so you will have to trim it to around 5mm and take a look, and do it in 2 separate goes. Note that the underarms are very sensitive, and may also be a bit moist, so you will need to dry them thoroughly before using Veet wax.

How do I do my back/shoulders/buttocks?

In order to wax or gel your hard-to-reach bits, you may need to get someone to help you, perhaps your partner.  
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Veet for Men

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