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Silicium 44 is a unique new hair loss product for men and women. Created in France by Laboratoires Carilene, Silicium 44 is a product of natural origin that offers a scientifically tried and tested solution to the anxiety of hair loss.

The secret of Silicium 44's success lies in its two main ingredients: oxygen-saturated vegetable oil and organic silicium (silicon). For further information, please visit our Silicium 44 FAQs.

Silicium 44 Information:           
About Silicium 44 About Silicium 44:

The secret of Silicium 44's success lies in its two main ingredients: oxygen-saturated vegetable oil and organic silicium (silicon). The latter is a mineral found naturally in the body, which is important for healthy hair growth and damage repair. Organic silicon helps to repair the small blood vessels that nourish the hair follicles, helping to prevent further hair loss and stimulating regrowth, while the oxygen-saturated vegetable oil, an exclusive Laboratoires Carilene process, encourages increased blood flow to the scalp.

Extensive tests have shown that Silicium 44, with regular use, can boost hair volume by 7%, stop and prevent further hair loss (usually within 4-6 weeks) and stimulate regrowth. The tests also revealed Silicium 44 to be just as effective as Minoxidil, the chief ingredient of hair loss products such as Regaine (Rogaine in the US and Canada).

Silicium 44 Hair Loss Solution and Silicium 44 Shampoo are both water-based, topically applied preparations that contain the Laboratoires Carilene unique, patented ingredients. They can be used on all skin and hair types, including dyed and damaged hair. Silicium 44 is non-irritable and has no secondary effects when used as instructed. It does not stain and can also be used during pregnancy.  
Silicium 44 FAQs Silicium 44 FAQs:

Further information on Silicium 44 and information on how it works and how it compares to other hair loss products.   More >>>
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Silicium 44:

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