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Head Lice Lotion

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A head lice lotion, liquid or solution is usually the first thing we turn to at the sign of a head lice outbreak. If you suffered from head lice as a child, it is likely that the mention of a lotion conjures up memories of slicked-back hair and an unpleasant overpowering smell that guaranteed others kept their distance.

Fear not, modern head lice lotions are a lot more user-friendly and many now contain non-chemical insecticides that eradicate lice by physical rather than toxic means. Most even smell good too!

Head Lice Lotion Brands

Full Marks
Full Marks

Cyclomethicone Solution for Head Lice

Cyclomethicone is classified as a physical insecticide, rather than a chemical insecticide, because it eradicates lice through non-chemical means; it interfers with biological functions of the lice and eggs, causing them to dehydrate and die.
Full Marks Solution is a head lice treatment that contains cyclomethicone and isopropyl myristate.
Full Marks Solution 100ml
Full Marks Solution 100ml:

Full Marks Solution is a 10 minute treatment that eliminates head lice & their eggs!   More >>>
Price: £6.20 (incl VAT)
Full Marks Solution 200ml
Full Marks Solution 200ml:

Full Marks Solution works by causing lice to dehydrate. To use, simply apply to dry hair and comb through.   More >>>
Price: £10.60 (incl VAT)
Full Marks Solution 300ml
Full Marks Solution 300ml:

Full Marks Solution is toxin-free, low odour and includes a head lice comb.   More >>>
Price: £14.99 (incl VAT)

Dimeticone Lotion for Head Lice

Dimeticone is a silicone oil that is classed as a physical insecticide. It works by smothering the lice and killing them by dehydration or suffocation. Because dimeticone isn't a pesticide, lice cannot form a resistance to it.
Australian Bodycare Anti Lice Treatment 100 ml
Australian Bodycare Anti Lice Treatment 100 ml: A 15 minute head lice treatment to relieve hair and scalp of lice and nits.   More >>>
Price: £12.49 (incl VAT)
Hedrin 4% Lotion 150ml
Hedrin 4% Lotion 150ml:

Hedrin Lotion is a clear liquid lotion without an overpowering odour. It's effective yet skin-friendly formula is suitable for adults and children over 6 months of age.   More >>>
Price: £10.25 (incl VAT)
Hedrin 4% Lotion 50ml
Hedrin 4% Lotion 50ml:

Hedrin 4% Lotion contains no harmful pesticides so it can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.   More >>>
Price: £4.45 (incl VAT)
Derbac-M Liquid 200ml
Derbac-M Liquid 200ml:

Derbac-M Liquid is a water-based product containing malation 0.5% for the treatment of head lice, pubic lice and scabies.   More >>>
Price: £13.75 (incl VAT)
Derbac-M Liquid 50ml
Derbac-M Liquid 50ml:

Though it contains a pesticide, Derbac-M Liquid is suitable for those with asthma or sensitive skin. It is suitable for adults and children over six years of age.   More >>>
Price: £6.10 (incl VAT)

Permethrin Lotion for Head Lice

Numark Head Lice Treatment 1% w/w 59ml
Numark Head Lice Treatment 1% w/w 59ml: A 10 minute Head Lice treatment for the removal of head lice and their eggs. Contains Permethrin 1%.   More >>>
Price: £3.70 (incl VAT)

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