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Bazuka manufactures effective products to treat and remove verrucas, warts, corns and callouses. The special formula of Bazuka forms a protective 'skin' over the treated area thus eliminating the need for plasters.

Bazuka gel comes in two strengths, clinically proven original and extra strength with the extra strength version containing twice as much of the active ingredient salicylic acid.

There is also a Bazuka Sub Zero treatment which works by principle of freezing the wart or verruca.

Bazuka Gels

Bazuka Gel 5g
Bazuka Gel 5g: Bazuka Gel 5g is the original, clinically proven formula that is a water resistant, film-forming gel containing salicylic acid 12% for the treatment of verrucas, warts, corns and callouses.   More >>>
Price: £4.60 (incl VAT)
Bazuka Extra Strength Gel 5g
Bazuka Extra Strength Gel 5g: Bazuka Extra Strength Gel 5g is a powerful treatment for verrucas, warts, corns and callouses and is water resistant, containing salicylic acid 26%.   More >>>
Price: £5.40 (incl VAT)
Bazuka Verrucas & Warts Treatment Gel 6g
Bazuka Verrucas & Warts Treatment Gel 6g: Verrucas or warts can take weeks, or even months to notice after you have caught the infection and can be contagious to other family members and people.   More >>>
Price: £4.99 (incl VAT)
Bazuka Extra Strength Verruca & Wart Treatment 6g
Bazuka Extra Strength Verruca & Wart Treatment 6g: is a maximum Salicylic Acid 26.0% w/w application for verrucas and warts that become very painful and uncomfortable to endure.   More >>>
Price: £6.20 (incl VAT)
Sorry, this item is currently unavailable. Click here to receive notification when this product comes back into stock.

Bazuka Sub-Zero

Bazuka Sub-Zero 50ml
Bazuka Sub-Zero 50ml: Bazuka Sub-Zero 50ml spray freezes warts and verrucas in one treatment.

Please note that we can only ship aerosols within the EU.   More >>>
Price: £10.95 (incl VAT)

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