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Activa Compression Hosiery

Activa Compression Hosiery Classes

Activa offers a diverse range of compression hosiery including Activa Unisex Socks, Pattered Socks and Tights.
Activa hosiery helps improve poor circulation in the legs and are specially designed to be effective and comfortable while looking great. They can help reduce swelling in the feet and legs, prevent leg ulcers and also helps prevent blood clots forming.

Activa Compression Hosiery are available in three different classes from mild to strong compression; Class 1 (14-17mmHg), Class 2 (18-24 mmHg), and Class 3 (25-35mmHg).

Buy your Activa Hosiery here today! Activa Hosiery are also available on prescriptions from your doctor.

It is strongly recommend that you should have a full holistic assessment done by a nurse or doctor before wearing Activa Compression Hosiery.

You need to be measured by a healthcare professional for comfort and positive effect.

Activa Compression Hosiery Classes

Class 1 Class 1: Class 1 has a compression of 14-17mmHg that provides light compression for superficial or early varicose veins and swollen ankles.   More >>>
Class 2 Class 2: Class 2 has a compression of 18-24mmHg that provides medium compression for medium severity varicose veins and mild oedema and to help prevent venous leg ulcers.   More >>>
Class 3 Class 3: Class 3 has a compression of 25-35mmHg that provides strong compression for severe varicose veins, oedema, chronic venous insufficiency and to help prevent venous leg ulcers.   More >>>
Actiglide Compression Hosiery Applicator
Actiglide Compression Hosiery Applicator:   More >>>
Price: £20.99 (incl VAT)
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Activa Compression Hosiery - Buy Online from Express Chemist UK Pharmacy


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Activa Compression Hosiery

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