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Seabond Denture AdhesiveSeabond Information

Seabond offers a range of denture fixative adhesive seals that contain no pastes and are zinc free. These Seabond fixative seals come in a wafer thin form that are are easy to fit and will provide a gum tight hold and all around comfort.

The powerful adhesives in Seabond are in a pre-cut wafer-thin carrier to provide an even adhesive distribution, the seals can be trimmed to size and unlike other adhesives which weaken in moisture, the adhesive power of Seabond is activated and strengthened by the natural fluids in the mouth.

Please see the FAQ's below for more information and advice on Seabond Denture Adhesive seals.

Seabond Denture Adhesive:           
Seabond Original Denture Fixative Upper Seals 15
Seabond Original Denture Fixative Upper Seals 15: Seabond adhesives draw in moisture, so the seal expands to a water-smooth fit, filling gaps and openings between gums and dentures. With its special holding power, Seabond will provide you with new comfort and security.   More >>>
Price: £3.10 (incl VAT)
Seabond Original Denture Fixative Lower Seals 15
Seabond Original Denture Fixative Lower Seals 15: These Denture adhesive seals will provide you with long lasting hold without the ooze and mess of pastes. Plus, unlike adhesives which weaken in moisture, the adhesive power of these seals is activated and strengthened by natural fluids in the mouth.   More >>>
Price: £3.10 (incl VAT)
SeaBond Sensitive Denture Adhesive Cream - 40g
SeaBond Sensitive Denture Adhesive Cream - 40g: SeaBond Sensitive Denture Adhesive Cream - 40g creates a strong hold which lasts all day which protects the gums.   More >>>
Price: £3.84 (incl VAT)
Sorry, this item is currently unavailable. Click here to receive notification when this product comes back into stock.
Seabond Information:           
SeaBond FAQ's SeaBond FAQ's:

Application and Removal Questions:

Q. How Do I Apply Sea-Bond?
A.Trim To Fit. Use the easy-to-follow directions on back of the box. Moisten With Fingertip. Moisten the wafer with your fingertip and place the pink side against the denture. Press In Place. Press dentures into place and hold firmly until secure. The adhesive power of Sea-Bond is activated by the natural fluids of the mouth.

Q. How Do I Remove The Wafer Once It Is In?
A. Simply lift the corner and peel away.

Q.How Often Should I Change The Wafer?
A. Once a day.

Q. Which Side Of The Wafer Has The Pink Color? Which Side Is Which?
A. Each wafer has a side tinted in pink. The color is there to help you know which side to place against the denture. The side with the pink tint should be placed against the denture. Also, don't worry if there is a slight variation in the pink color, as it does not impact hold.

Product Questions:

Q. How Many Wafers Come In A Box?
A. There are two sizes; 15 and 30 wafers in a pack. Remember that adhesives for upper and lower dentures are sold separately.

Q. Do Sea-Bond Wafers Come In More Than One Size?
A. All Sea-Bond wafers come in one standard size, designed to be trimmed for a custom fit.

Q. Do Sea-Bond Wafers Have An Expiration Date?
A. No. A box of Sea-Bond wafers has no expiration date. Simply keep the box in a dry area and keep it away from wetness and moisture.

Q. What Is Dentsyn?
A. A specially-formulated breath freshener that is part of the wafer.

Q. Will Sea-Bond Hold Securely While I'm Eating?
A. Yes. Many people tell us the extra holding power in Sea-Bond lets them eat the foods they ate when they had real teeth.

Q. I Rinse My Dentures After Eating. Can I Re-apply The Same Wafer?
A. No, it's best to use a new wafer.

Q. Can Sea-Bond Wafers Be Re-Used?
A.No. We recommend that each wafer be replaced daily.

Q. Can Sea-Bond Be Used On Partial Plates?
A. In some instances. We recommend you first talk with your dentist.

Q.Do You Make A Combo-Pack?
A. No. Sea-Bond uppers and lowers are sold separately.

Q.Does Sea-Bond contain Zinc?
A.No. Sea-Bond is a zinc-free product.

Q. What's The Difference Between Original and Fresh?
A. Both provide the same all-day hold. Sea-Bond Original wafers are unflavored. Sea-Bond Fresh has a fresh and long-lasting natural mint flavor.

Q. What else Does Sea-Bond offer?
A. Sea-Bond has everything you need to take care of your dentures.
Sea-Bond Denture Bath has a unique lock-on safety gasket and spill-proof lid. Sea-Bond Denture Brush is recommended as part of your daily cleaning routine.

Other Questions:

Q. How Much Sodium Is In Each Sea-Bond Wafer?
A. The pre-trimmed upper wafer contains 7 mg. of sodium. The pre-trimmed lower wafer contains 3.9 mg of sodium. When you trim the wafers to fit your denture, there will be even less sodium in each wafer.

Q. Can I Use Sea-Bond If My Denture Has Been Professionally Re-lined?
A. Yes. As always, it is best to check with your dentist first.

Q. What If I Accidentally Swallow The Product?
A. There is no toxic danger, Sea-Bond is made of non-toxic ingredients. However, if you have a history of difficulty swallowing, or choking, you should not use this product.
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