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How to use Regaine

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Buying Regaine

Here are some tips for buying Regaine:
  • For men, it is recommended that you buy Regaine Extra Strength, as it works faster and is more likely to result in regrowth. Women are advised to buy Regaine for Women.
  • For first-time users, Regaine should be used for a period of several months before results can be expected to show up. To help with the cost of this, Express Chemist offer a special discount for quantity purchases (of 3 or more).
  • Regaine should be used daily in the long term. Again, Express Chemist help with the cost by offering a good discount if you buy 3 or more.
  • We recommend a compatible shampoo to go with it, such as Alpecin. See also Regaine and Shampooing.

Applying Regaine

  • Apply Regaine twice daily, at the same time every day.
  • If you wash your hair as part of your routine, it is best to make sure that you wash and dry your hair before applying Regaine rather than afterwards. Otherwise you could wash the Regaine out. However, you should use a simple shampoo like Alpecin, which does not contain dimethicone or other conditioners, as the conditioner can coat the scalp and inhibit the uptake of Regaine. However, if you do wish to use a conditioner or conditioning shampoo, you can apply Regaine and let it soak in for an hour before shampooing your hair. See also Regaine and Shampooing.
  • Use the most suitable applicator (see picture). For people with a large bald patch, the "dabber" (leftmost) or the spray (bottom, second from right) will cover larger areas, the spray covering the largest. For people who are only just receding, the long nozzle (second from left) will pinpoint the thin areas more accurately.
  • Doses are metered, each squeeze of the pump providing 1ml of Regaine solution. Do not use excessive amounts. However, at Express Chemist, we have found that some customers with longer or thicker hair may have to use a couple of pumps, because some solution will inevitably miss the target areas. It is a pity.
  • Massage the solution into the scalp and into all affected areas.
  • Wash the hands after use. Note that it is not a good idea to swallow Regaine, and it is toxic to some animals.

Other tips

Keeping up the routine
Regaine should be applied twice a day at 12-hour intervals. There is no point in overdoing it as it will not work any faster. It is best, therefore, to have a set daily routine e.g. once in the morning, just after washing and drying the hair, and once in the evening just after you get home. If you miss a dose, then it is no big deal! Just wait until the next dose comes around.

You will need to keep up using Regaine for as long as you want to keep your hair. There is nothing to fear however, because if you stop using Regaine, then your hair will not suddenly fall out! Instead, it will just slowly start ageing again, and return to its normal cycle.

If you are a first-time user and have used Regaine for a year and have not noticed any difference, then you are unfortunately one of the unlucky ones for whom Regaine does not work. Do be sure to visit our Hair Loss section for advice.


Regaine and Shampooing

A more detailed guide on how to co-ordinate applying Regaine and shampooing.   More >>>
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