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Spatone Iron Supplement 14

Spatone Iron Supplement 14
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Price: £5.20 (incl VAT)
Price: £5.20 (incl VAT)    
Spatone Liquid Iron Food Supplement is a convenient single serving sachet that provides 5mg of iron.

Spatone Liquid Iron sachets aid in increasing iron levels in the body; iron is a key mineral that transports oxygen around the body and establishes vitality and steady energy release throughout the day. Iron helps to sustain concentration levels and achieve and maintain a healthy immune system. It is recorded that over 91%* of women ages 16-64 do not have adequate iron in their everyday diet. This can be particularly detrimental to women who are pregnant, attempting to conceive or menstruating as all of these functions require the body to have greater iron levels than normal.
  • Pack of 14 individual sachets; 350ml (14 x 25ml sachets).
  • Each sachet provides 5mg of iron.
  • Ideal for women who are attempting to conceive or those that are pregnant.
  • Safe for children over 2 years old.
  • Approved for vegetarians.
  • Perfect for low iron diets.
  • Free from; gluten, artificial colouring, sugar, sweetener, artificial fragrances, preservatives, lactose.
Spatone sachets are scientifically shown to offer iron in a liquid formula that is immediately suitable for the body to process; helping to enhance and increase your daily iron intake, whilst generating fewer side effects often associated with other iron supplements such as constipation, headaches and stomach irritation. The Spatone liquid is gentle on the stomach so is particularly good for people who can not tolerate solid iron supplements. The Spatone liquid iron sachets are in handy individual packs; ideal for on the move.

Directions for use:
Adults and children over 2; take 1 sachet daily. Pregnant women; take 2 sachets daily. The Spatone is best taken in the morning on an empty stomach mixed with orange juice. Allow 30 - 45 minutes before having hot drinks or eating.

Nutritional Information:
(typical analysis of Spatone per sachet) Iron (FE2+) 5MG (36% OF RDA) (RDA= Recommended Daily Allowance).

The Recommended Daily Allowance for iron of 14mg is based on the relative bio-availability of iron from foods; iron absorption ranges from 5-20% in different foods. That is why it is vital to follow a varied and balanced diet. The naturally present iron in Spatone sachets has a high bio-availability, with a 40% absorption rate which means the sachets complement a well balanced diet.

Do not exceed daily recommended dose.
Excessive intake of iron can be very harmful to small children and infants; keep out of sight and reach.

100% natural iron rich water.

*Department of Health, the National Dietary and Nutritional Survey: adults aged 16-64. Volume 3. London UK, 2003.

Product code: 2190361     Price: £5.20 (incl VAT)    
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Spatone Iron Supplement 14 - Buy Online from Express Chemist UK Pharmacy


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