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A. Vogel Hypericum St John's Wort Drops 50ml

A. Vogel Hypericum St John's Wort Drops 50ml
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Price: £7.99 (incl VAT) Sorry, this product is no longer available.
A. Vogel Hypericum St John's Wort Drops 50ml is a fresh herb tincture of St John's Wort.
  • It is indicated for mild depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder, shingles, cold sores and sciatica.
  • Hypericum works as an antidepressant, an antiviral, a pain reliever and is antimicrobial.
  • Add this tincture to water and drink.
Many believe that depression is caused by chemical changes in the brain. Studies have shown that St John's Wort can help to alleviate the associated symptoms of depression, including low energy, lack of interest in other's activities, low mood, tiredness, lack of appetite, and restless sleep patterns. SAD is a depressive state caused by the lack of sunlight.

Bioforce Hypericum has also been used to reduce viral infections such as herpes simplex (cold sores) and general nerve pain. If you are prescribed medicine or you buy medicine from a pharmacy, you must mention that you are taking St John's Wort as it may affect the medication. (For an alternative to St. John's Wort that does not affect medication you can try Lamberts Rhodiola Rosea.)

Directions for use:
Adults: 20 drops in a little water twice daily.

Improvements may be seen after four weeks.

Before taking this product:
Please check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking any prescribed medicines as St John's Wort may affect the way they work. This includes the contraceptive pill.
Please seek medical advice if pregnant.

Cautions and warnings: This product is not recommended for children.

Tincture of fresh, organic flower heads of Hypericum Perforatum (St John's Wort) Extracted in alcohol (66% v/v).

Product code: 30327     Price: £7.99 (incl VAT)    Sorry, this product is no longer available.
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