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Portia Rubber Ear Syringe

Portia Rubber Ear Syringe
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Price: £3.15 (incl VAT)
Price: £3.15 (incl VAT)    
Portia Rubber Ear Syringe gently clean the ear way by inserting warm water to soften and loosen dirt and wax.
  • One syringe.
  • Rubber.
  • Holds 60ml of water.
  • Fine point.
  • Easy to use.
  • Helps loosen and clears dirt and wax.
Directions for Use:
One Portia Rubber Ear Syringe is only suitable for single patient use. Wash hands well before use. Clean Portia Rubber Ear Syringe well each time before use.
Fill the syringe with cooled boiled water that is warm to the touch. Tilt head to the side so the ear being treated is on top. Place the tip of the syringe into the ear opening, DO NOT push further into the ear. Squeeze gently to release a small amount of water into the ear. Keep the head horizontal for 5 to 15 minutes.

  • Natural Rubber latex may cause allergic reactions.

Product code: 3122082     Price: £3.15 (incl VAT)    
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Portia Rubber Ear Syringe - Buy Online from Express Chemist UK Pharmacy

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