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Jock Itch FAQs

Jock Itch FAQs To buy treatments for jock itch, click here.

Jock itch is the common name for Tinea cruris. It is a condition that affects the groin, particularly in men. The main symptom of jock itch is itching in the groin area. This can affect the skin at the top of the thighs between the legs, the skin around the scrotum in men, and the skin around the anus. This itching is often accompanied by a visible rash. Like many fungal infections, jock itch is contagious and has a tendency to spread, so it is important to treat the condition as soon as possible.

Jock itch is also commonly known as dhobi itch, dhobie itch or crotch rot.

What causes jock itch?

Jock itch is caused by a fungal infection. There are a number of species of fungi that can be responsible, including Trichophyton rubrum and Candida albicans.

The difference between Jock Itch and Fungal Sweat Rash

The terms jock itch and sweat rash are often used interchangeably. The term Jock itch is generally used to describe a form of ringworm in the groin area, whereas fungal sweat rash is generally used to describe thrush on the skin. In either case, an antifungal agent is used.

How should I treat jock itch

An antifungal ingredient should be used to treat jock itch. Recommended products include Daktarin Gold and Lamisil AT. See our main jock itch page for further information.

In general, you should not use hydrocortisone products, such as Daktacort, in the groin area, and our pharmacist will not allow hydrocortisone to be used for this purpose, even if your doctor has prescribed it in the past. This is because the skin in the groin area is very sensitive and can be damaged by hydrocortisone treatment. If you are unsure, you should see your doctor.

Before you diagnose jock itch

Check that your itching is not caused by a reaction to soap. If you have been using the same soap for years, it is unlikely that you will suddenly react to it; however, you may like to try a soap or wash designed for the sensitive areas, such as Canesten Care Wash, Vagisil Wash or Replens Soap. These are often marketed for women, but are equally good for men. For the full range, see the main Intimate Wash page.

To buy treatments for jock itch, click here.
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Jock Itch

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