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Infacol is a popular remedy for infant colic and griping.

Infacol helps relieve colic in babies by acting on the air trapped in a the stomach, making it easier to pass, which helps relieve the discomfort caused by the trapped wind. The active ingredient in infacol is simethicone. Simethicone is not absorbed into the bloodstream, so Infacol is a perfectly safe to use with babies and young children.

Infacol Colic Treatment

Infacol Colic Relief Drops 50ml
Infacol Colic Relief Drops 50ml:

Popular with Express Chemist customers!

Infacol is trusted by many of our customers to relieve baby colic. It contains simeticone to help babies release trapped wind and ease the discomfort of their condition.   More >>>
Price: £3.70 (incl VAT)
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Infacol Simeticone Effective Colic Relief 55ml
Infacol Simeticone Effective Colic Relief 55ml: Infacol Simeticone Effective Colic Relief helps to relieve and calm infant colic and griping pain.   More >>>
Price: £4.39 (incl VAT)
Infacol Simeticone Colic Relief 85ml
Infacol Simeticone Colic Relief 85ml: Infacol Simeticone Effective Colic Relief helps to relieve and calm infant colic and griping pain.   More >>>
Price: £6.70 (incl VAT)

Infacol Information

How does Infacol work?

Colic is often caused by the build-up of small gas bubbles trapped in the stomach. Infacol contains an ingredient called simethicone (also spelled as "simeticone") which acts on these bubbles, joining the little bubbles together to form bigger bubbles. The baby finds it easier to burp bigger bubbles and hence the wind is released.

What if the symptoms persist?

If symptoms persist for more than a few weeks, then you should seek professional medical advice.

Are there any side effects of using Infacol?

As Infacol's active ingredient, simethicone, is chemically inert (i.e. it does not react with any chemicals in the body), it is unlikely to cause any side effects, and there are no known side effects. It may be possible in some rare cases that your baby may react to some of the preservatives in Infacol, but this would be true of any medicine.

Is it possible for a baby to overdose on Infacol?

It is highly unlikely for a baby to overdose on Infacol, as the ingredients only act on the bubbles within the stomach rather than the body itself. However, if your baby looks unwell after swallowing a large dose of Infacol, then you should seek professional advice.

Can Infacol Colic Drops be used to treat trapped wind in adults?

Simethicone, the active ingredient in Infacol, is also the active ingredient in many adult treatments for trapped wind. However, the dose in Infacol is calculated for an infant. If you are an adult suffering from trapped wind, then it's best to try our wind relief page to find an appropriate treatment.

How does Infacol compare to other treatments for infant colic?

Infacol has a completely different mechanism of action from other colic treatments. Because colic is not very well understood and can have a variety of treatments, you may find that some treatments work better than others for Infacol. However, Infacol is very popular and our customers find it very effective. In addition, because the active ingredient Infacol does not react with the body in any way (it only acts against the bubbles of trapped wind), it is a very safe and effective treatment, with little chance of side effects or overdosing.

For further information please visit our colic advice page.

Express Chemist recommends Infacol for the treatment of infant colic, gripe and trapped wind in infants.

Colic Information & Advice


Infantile colic is a stressful condition for both baby and family. it is very common, with as many as 1 in 5 babies suffering from the condition in their first few months.   More >>>

Colic Advice

Colic Advice  
If you would like some extra advice on colic, please visit our colic in babies advice and information page.   More >>>
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