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Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Calvin Klein was born in 1942 as Richard Klein, in The Bronx, New York City. He started out as a fashion designer in 1968 when his first collection was a line of, 'youthful understated coats and dresses'. Klein soon enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame: in 1969 he made the cover of Vogue, by 1973 he had won the Coty fashion critics award - the youngest person to win it at the time and in 1978 after releasing his now famous jeans, boasted sales in excess of 200,000 within the first week, stirring up a public desire for designer jeans.

Becoming a household name in the 80s amidst some controversial press surrounding his racy underwear campaigns, Klein has gone on to release a series of epoch defining perfumes. Obsession, most famously helping Kate Moss to super-stardom in the 80s, CK One, a rarely seen unisex perfume in the 90s and Euphoria in the 2000s.

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Men's Fragrances:           
Contradiction for Men Contradiction for Men: Calvin Klein Contradiction for Men is a fragrance of contrasts. The scent has crisp, modern notes that are followed by a powerful, masculine warmth.   More >>>
CK One RED Edition EDT For Him 50ml
CK One RED Edition EDT For Him 50ml: hot sensuality for the latest addition to the CK collection of urban youth fragrances.   More >>>
Price: £20.60 (incl VAT)
Sorry, this item is currently unavailable. Click here to receive notification when this product comes back into stock.
Eternity for Men Eternity for Men: Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein is a timeless classic captures the complexities and subtleties of today's modern man. It creates a crisp, warm fragrance that lingers on the skin creating a confident sensuous allure.   More >>>
Crave For Men Crave For Men: Crave for Men by Calvin Klein is all about knowing what you want and knowing how to get it. Charged with a youth and vitality its scent is fresh and sensual, with subtle, sexy, warmth.   More >>>
Truth for Men Truth for Men: Truth for Men by Calvin Klein evokes the nature found at the core of masculinity. Aromatic and sensual, pure and simplistic this delicious scent is ideal for evening wear.   More >>>
Escape for Men Escape for Men: Escape for Men by Calvin Klein captures perfectly the spirit of adventure at the heart of everyman. Refreshing and spicy this is a great fragrance for everyday wear.   More >>>
Obsession for Men Obsession for Men: Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein is a passionate evocation of the desires of the modern man. Its fragrance initially refreshes before revealing a powerful, unmistakably masculine depth.   More >>>
Calvin Klein In 2 U for Men Calvin Klein In 2 U for Men:   More >>>
Calvin Klein Euphoria for Men Calvin Klein Euphoria for Men: Calvin Klein Euphoria for Men is a sexy and provocative fragrance for men. Calvin Klein Euphoria for Men is about living your most intense desires, free of limits.   More >>>
Calvin Klein Reveal For Men Calvin Klein Reveal For Men: Calvin Klein Reveal For Men is for the modern, uncompromisingly masculine man with bold attitude. A scent that intrigues, challenges and seduces.   More >>>
Calvin Klein Obsessed Intense for Men:            More >>>
Women's Fragrances:           
Truth for Women Truth for Women: Truth for Women by Calvin Klein is a simple, refreshing, oriental perfume. This pure and modern fragrance is designed to react with the skin, allowing the wearers true sensuality to shine through.   More >>>
Calvin Klein Eternity Moment Calvin Klein Eternity Moment: Eternity Moment by Calvin Klein captures energy and passion of modern romance. The fragrance is fresh, floral, and sensuous and lingers like those moments we all wish could last forever.   More >>>
Calvin Klein Eternity for Women Calvin Klein Eternity for Women: Eternity for Women by Calvin Klein is a timeless classic. Romantic and luxurious, the intimate floral perfume is a blend of feminine harmonies.   More >>>
Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua: Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua EDP 100ml is a development upon Calvin Klein's original Eternity fragrance with added fruity notes.   More >>>
Calvin Klein Beauty Calvin Klein Beauty: Calvin Klein Beauty evokes the ultimate power of femininity and sophistication.

This elegant scent opens with fresh notes of citrus and ambrette that quickly fade into musky jasmine on a base of cedar.   More >>>
Obsession Obsession: Obsession for Women by Calvin Klein is a perfume charged with sensual allure. Powerful, impassioned and romantic, this fragrance evokes the desires of today's woman.   More >>>
Escape for Women Escape for Women: Escape for Women by Calvin Klein captures perfectly the passionate desires and aspirations at the core of the woman who lives without boundaries.   More >>>
Calvin Klein Obsessed Intense for Women Calvin Klein Obsessed Intense for Women:   More >>>
Contradiction Contradiction: Calvin Klein Contradiction for Women is a harmony of soft freshness and seductive florals with a strong feminine vibrancy and warmth.   More >>>
Calvin Klein Euphoria for Women Calvin Klein Euphoria for Women: Euphoria for Women by Calvin Klein is a passionate and sensual perfume with notes of pomegranate, persimmon, lotus blossom, black orchid, black violet, amber, cream and mahogany.   More >>>
Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria 40ml Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria 40ml: A fresh floral eau de toilette exuding a sensual and vivacious scent.   More >>>
Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom for Women Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom for Women:   More >>>
Calvin Klein In 2 U for Women Calvin Klein In 2 U for Women:   More >>>
Calvin Klein CK All
Calvin Klein CK All:   More >>>
Price: £36.99 (incl VAT)
Calvin Klein Forbidden Euphoria:            More >>>
Unisex Fragrances:           
CK One Unisex CK One Unisex: CK One by Calvin Klein is a clean, refreshing, youthful fragrance that can be enjoyed by everyone. It is easy to wear but never overpowering and exudes a bright vitality that is crisp and sensuous.   More >>>
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