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Body Odour FAQs

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Body Odour

What causes Body Odour?

Body odour, or BO as some call it, is caused by bacteria that grow on our bodies. These bacteria rapidly multiply when combined with sweat, which causes us to smell bad. Sweat itself is actually almost odourless.

Why does my sweat smell stronger than most other peoples?

If you sweat more, there is greater chance that you will have body odour. A build up of sweat from not washing or wearing dirty clothes will make sweat smell more pungent, however other factors could increase body odour:
  • Diet - Pungent, spicy foods will make you sweat and may cause your sweat to smell stronger than normal. Many strong foods also contain oils which enter into your blood and then pass through your skin.
  • Genetics - Some people will be more inclined to sweat than others because they have more sweat glands and produce more protein. A thyroid disease may also cause you to sweat more than usual.
  • Being overweight, anxiety and exercise will all cause you to sweat more too.

What can I do to stop Body Odour?

  • Wash every day - If you already do so, switch you current soap to an antibacterial soap which will help to kill the odour causing germs. Products such as Cuticura, Valderma or anything from the Australian Tea Tree range (which has a good selection of natural, antibacterial washes for body, face and hair), are suitable. When washing with an antibacterial cleanser, pay particular attention to the armpits and groin.
  • Use products to reduce sweating such as Odaban, Perspirex or Driclor.
  • Freshen up - Try a bodyspray or perfume to mask any smells.
  • Clean clothes - Wear clean clothes every morning and only use clean towels and flannels.

What can I do to prevent B.O in the first place?

  • Keep youself clean and always wash after exercising.
  • As well as wearing clean clothes each day, it is also best to wash towels, flannels and bedding at a high temperature every few weeks to kill bacteria.
  • Use strong antiperspirants such as Perspirex to prevent sweating through the day.
  • Alter your lifestyle - losing weight and changing your diet may have a positive effect too.

Why do my armpits get smelly but not the rest of my body?

The Apocrine sweat glands are found mainly around the armpits and groin. Most sweat glands excrete a solution that is 99% water; the Apocrine sweat glands produce a solution that contains proteins and pheromones. Odour producing bacteria feed on this protein which is why sweaty armpits will smell. When you wash these areas use a flannel or a sponge rather than just your hands as the rougher texture will pick up more bacteria and clean more effectively.

Valderma Soap 100g

Valderma Soap 100g
*Helps to reduce odour causing bacteria*

Valderma Antibacterial Soap will help to neutralise the bacteria that causes body odour. Washing daily with an antibacterial soap, particularly in areas such as the armpits, feet and groin, will remove sweat and reduce the bacteria that acts upon it.   More >>>
Price: £2.10 (incl VAT)

Anhydrol Forte 60ml

Anhydrol Forte 60ml
*Reduces sweating*

Anhydrol Forte is an effective medication for the topical treatment of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). It is a clear, colourless evaporative solution containing Aluminium Chloride Hexahydrate 20% w/v. Anhydrol Forte works on the sweat glands to produce a more normal sweat flow.   More >>>
Price: £3.95 (incl VAT)

Sukin Natural Deodorant 125ml

Sukin Natural Deodorant 125ml
*Aluminum Free*

Sukin Natural Deodorant helps to prevent unwanted odour with natural ingredients and a has fresh natural fragrance for every day use.   More >>>
Price: £5.60 (incl VAT)

Perspi-Guard Maximum 5 Antiperspirant Treatment Spray 30ml

Perspi-Guard Maximum 5 Antiperspirant Treatment Spray 30ml
*Apply only once or twice weekly*

The Perspi-Guard Maximum 5 specialist formula is concentrated and uses only the finest ingredients to ensure complete protection from sweat and odour while remaining remarkably gentle on the skin.

  More >>>
Price: £7.50 (incl VAT)
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