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A. Vogel Luffa Complex 50ml

A. Vogel Luffa Complex 50ml
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Price: £8.40 (incl VAT)
(Buy any 3 or more A. Vogel products and save 5%)
Price: £8.40 (incl VAT)
(Buy any 3 or more A. Vogel products and save 5%)

Due to the new EU Herbal Legislation, A. Vogel Luffa Complex will not be licensed and therefore can no longer be sourced from A. Vogel as of the 30th April 2011. However, it will continue to be available through Express Chemist, whilst stock lasts.

A. Vogel Luffa Complex is formulated to relieve the symptoms of Hay fever, reactions to fur, dust or perfume and allergic rhinitis (both seasonal and non-seasonal)...

A. Vogel Luffa Complex contains extracts of American Spikenard, Heartseed, Golden Thryallis, Luffa, Chapparal, Okoubaka and Toothpick Weed.

Luffa Complex helps to combat the sypmtoms of rhinitis which include sneezing, nasal discharge and blocked nose.
This is an excellent natural product and does not contain anti-histamine.
Works by:
  • Desensitising action.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Antispasmodic.
Adults: 20 drops in a little water 2-3 times a day. Hold in the mouth for a minute before swallowing.
In acute cases: 15 drops every 2 hours for 12 hours.
Children: 1 drop per year of age in a little water 2 - 3 times a day. (Not recommended for infants under 2 years).
It is suggested that Luffa Complex should be taken 2 weeks before allergy season begins to prepare the body. It can be taken on a ongoing basis, even if symptoms are non-seasonal.

Aralia racemosa* (American Spikenard) • Cardiospermum halicacabum* (Heartseed) • Galphimia glauca (Golden Thryallis) • Luffa operculata (Luffa) • Larrea mexicana (Chapparal) • Okoubaka aubrevillei (Okoubaka) • Ammi visnaga (Toothpick Weed) • Alcohol content 67% v/v. *Organically grown.

Product code: 60591     Price: £8.40 (incl VAT)
(Buy any 3 or more A. Vogel products and save 5%)
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A. Vogel Luffa Complex 50ml - Buy Online from Express Chemist UK Pharmacy

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