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Anbesol products give rapid relief from mouth ulcers, teething pains and denture irritation.

Anbesol contains antiseptics and local anaesthetics to deliver fast, soothing relief from oral pain and discomfort, while killing bacteria and fungi that might infect sore or broken skin in the mouth. The active ingredients are:

  • Lidocaine Hydrochloride: - Local anaesthetic.
  • Cetylpyridinium Chloride - Antiseptic specially tailored for oral use.
  • Chlorocresol - Antiseptic.
Anbesol products are suitable for a range of ages; but always check the age restrictions and read the instructions carefully before use, particularly when using on children.
Anbesol Liquid:           
Anbesol Liquid 5ml
Anbesol Liquid 5ml: Anbesol Liquid 5ml offers quick-acting and effective relief of pain from recurrent mouth ulcers, denture irritation and babies teething.   More >>>
Price: £2.49 (incl VAT)
Anbesol Liquid 6.5ml
Anbesol Liquid 6.5ml: A smaller 6.5ml size bottle of Anbesol Liquid.   More >>>
Price: £2.39 (incl VAT)
Sorry, this item is currently unavailable. Click here to receive notification when this product comes back into stock.
Anbesol Liquid 15ml
Anbesol Liquid 15ml: Anbesol liquid is both an anaesthetic and an antiseptic. It provides rapid relief from mouth ulcers, teething pains and denture irritation. Anbesol Liquid 15ml is the largest size we carry and offers good value for money.   More >>>
Price: £3.79 (incl VAT)
Anbesol Gel:           
Anbesol Teething Gel 10g
Anbesol Teething Gel 10g: Anbesol Teething Gel contains a local anaesthetic to provide rapid relief from teething pains and gum irritation, and antiseptics to kill a variety of bacteria and fungi that might infect sore or broken skin in the mouth.   More >>>
Price: £1.99 (incl VAT)
Anbesol Adult Strength Gel 10g
Anbesol Adult Strength Gel 10g: Anbesol Adult Strength Gel offers the same relief as the Teething Gel but with a more powerful action. Not to be used on anyone under 12 years of age.   More >>>
Price: £2.59 (incl VAT)
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