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Alpecin FAQs

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How does the caffeine protect the hair from testosterone?

Each hair follicle grows in a phase that can last up to 8 years, followed by a short rest of a couple of months. Each hair can last up to 14 phases. Unfortunately, testosterone reaching the hair follicle inhibits the generation of c-AMP, a messenger compound for energy. This can, in turn, shorten the growth phase of the hair by preventing it from getting the energy that it needs in order to maintain its growth phase.

The caffeine in Alpecin stimulates the enzyme adenylcyclase, which in turn stimulates the production of c-AMP. It also blocks the enzyme phosphodiesterase, which is an enzyme that blocks the production of c-AMP. Both actions counteract the effect of the testosterone on the production of c-AMP, and thus helps to normalise the length of the hair growth phase.

Note that caffeine only works on hair that is still alive. Once the hair is dead, caffeine cannot help to revive it. Caffeine helps to maintain the health of the hair follicle and can do nothing for hair that is completely dead. It is therefore recommended that Alpecin is used as early as possible in life, to catch the problem sooner rather than later.

Will the caffeine in Alpecin keep me awake?

No, because the caffeine only reaches as far as the root of the hair follicle - not the rest of the body. If you shampoo with Alpecin, your scalp absorbs the equivalent of one-fifth of a cup of coffee, and the effect is local to the scalp so will not affect you in any other way.

Will Alpecin affect my testosterone levels?

Not at all - it protects the hair roots against the effects of testosterone, rather than changing the levels of testosterone in the body.

What other ingredients are in Alpecin's caffeine complex?

As well as caffeine, Alpecin contains zinc, vitamin A and niacin.

How long will it be before I start seeing the effect of Alpecin?

Alpecin helps protect the hair rather than to regrow it. In other words, Alpecin will help slow down hair loss, but won't necessarily help to re-grow lost hair. So you won't necessarily see any effects. If you have already started losing your hair, you may like to try using Regaine as well as Alpecin.

Is the concentration of Caffeine Complex the same in the C1 Shampoo as in the After Shampoo Liquid?

No, the strength of the Caffeine Complex is not the same. The liquid contains 0.1% and the C1 Shampoo contains 1%. The liquid has a lesser concentration to avoid overdosing, because the liquid stays on the scalp. Conversely as the C1 shampoo is going to be washed off there needs to be a higher concentration in order to make sure that a sufficient amount of caffeine is being absorbed in 2 minutes. It is recommended that both products be used to maintain a consistent supply of caffeine to the hair root.

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