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Sea-Band produce drug-free acupressure treatments for nausea, morning sickness and hay fever which do not cause any side effects or drowsiness. Sea-Band, Sea-Band Mama and Hay-Band wristbands have been clinically proven to help relieve nausea in the following cases:

  • Travel.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Anaesthesia.
  • Chemotherapy.

    Sea-Band wristbands are knitted elasticated wristbands with plastic studs that sit on the inside of the wrist. They prevent nausea and vomiting by applying gentle pressure to acupressure points on the wrist.

    Hay-Band bands are also knitted elasticated bands with plastic studs that rest on the arm around the elbow to prevent and reduce allergy symptoms including those of hay fever using acupressure.

    Sea-Band Mama products have been specially formulated to help soothe and calm stomachs during pregnancy using gentle acupressure and essential oils.

    Sea-Band and Hay-Band bands are suitable for children aged 3 years and over and can be combined with other medication if required, while the Sea-Band Mama range is specifically suited to expectant mothers.
  • Sea-Band and Hay-Band Acupressure Bands

    Sea-Band Acupressure Wrist Bands Child
    Sea-Band Acupressure Wrist Bands Child: Sea-Band Acupressure Wrist Bands Child offer relief for travel sickness using gentle acupressure.   More >>>
    Price: £6.29 (incl VAT)
    Sea-Band Acupressure Wrist Bands Adult
    Sea-Band Acupressure Wrist Bands Adult: Sea-Band Acupressure Wrist Bands Adult provide relief for motion sickness gently using acupressure.   More >>>
    Price: £6.40 (incl VAT)
    Hay-Band Acupressure Bands
    Hay-Band Acupressure Bands: Hay-Band Acupressure Bands are a drug-free treatment for allergies such as hay fever, working on the same acupressure principles as Sea-Band.   More >>>
    Price: £9.49 (incl VAT)

    Sea-Band Mama Morning Sickness Treatments

    Sea-Band Mama Acupressure Wrist Bands
    Sea-Band Mama Acupressure Wrist Bands: Sea-Band Mama Acupressure Wrist Bands provide natural, drug-free relief from morning sickness and other forms of nausea.   More >>>
    Price: £6.99 (incl VAT)
    Sea-Band Mama Essential Oil Rollette
    Sea-Band Mama Essential Oil Rollette: Sea-Band Mama Essential Oil Rollette includes invigorating lime oil, cleansing spearmint oil and warming, calming and settling ginger oil in a base of grapeseed oil to help relax morning sickness.   More >>>
    Price: £4.49 (incl VAT)
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