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Nicorette Invisi Patches Step 2 - 15mg (7)

Nicorette Invisi Patches Step 2 - 15mg  (7)
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Price: £13.10 (incl VAT)
Price: £13.10 (incl VAT)    

Nicorette Invisi Patches

Clear Nicorette patch containing 15mg Nicotine - Step 2 in helping to overcome the urge to smoke.
  • Nicorette Invisi Patches are a discreet, simple to use, once-a-day aid to help you cut down on smoking and manage nicotine cravings.
  • Nicorette Invisi Patch Step 2, is part of a 3 step 12 programme.
  • Nicorette Invisi Patches Step 2 are suitable for smokers on less than 10 cigarettes a day.
  • Pack of 7 adhesive, see-through, 13.5cm² (or approx 3.67 x 3.67cm) patches.
  • Releases 15mg Nicotine through the skin, over a 16 hour period.
Nicorette Invisi patches may be suitable for you if you smoke regularly throughout the day.

The Nicorette Invisi Patches range are the strongest patches available (stronger then the original Nicorette patches) and come as a 3 step 12 week programme:
Step 1 - 25mg patch. To be used daily for 8 weeks. (Start on the Step 1 patch if you smoke over 10 cigarettes a day).
Step 2 - 15mg patch. Use after Step 1 each day for 2 weeks. (or start on step 2 if you only smoke a maximum of 10 cigarettes a day and use for 8 weeks).
Step 3 - 10mg Patch. Use after step 2 every day for 2 weeks (or if you began your course from Step 2, use the 10mg patch for 4 weeks).

For adults and children over 12 years: Most smokers should start on the 25mg patch (over 10 cigarettes a day), lighter smokers (less than 10 cigarettes) should use these 15mg patches. Apply the Nicorette patch to a clean, dry and hairless skin in the morning and remove the patch in the evening.

Do not use a patch on the same area of skin 2 days in a row.
Do not smoke whilst wearing a patch.
Do not use on broken or irritated skin.
Do not use if you are allergic to the ingredients listed (below).
If pregnant, please seek advice from your doctor before considering Nicotine Replacement Tharapy (NRT).

Full instructions are provided inside the box. Please read carefully before use.

Each patch contains 1.75mg per cm² (releasing 15mg over 16 hours once applied) • Medium-Chain Triglycerides • Basic Butylated methacylate copolymer • polyethylenterphthalate film (PET) • Acrylic adhesive solution • potassium hydroxide • croscarmellose sodium • aluminium acetylacetonate • siliconised PET release liner with aluminised single side • printing inks.

Product code: 3403102     Price: £13.10 (incl VAT)    
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