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Female Fertility

Female Fertility Tests:

Medical research and development has provided women with some useful ways to help improve their chances of starting a family by improving female fertility.

Alcohol should be avoided during pregnancy as it can cause birth defects. With this in mind it is wise to to either stop drinking or keep well below the weekly recommended limit of 14 units while trying to conceive.

Smoking constricts blood vessels which reduces nutrient intake and can effect ovarian function. Try and cut down or stop altogether. See smoking cessation to help you stop.

Weight can cause hormonal imbalance which can lower fertility. Try gradually introducing more healthy foods into your diet and control your sugar, salt, fat and caffeine intake. Take a supplement of folic acid, either on its own or as part of a multi-vitamin supplement formula suited to conception and pregnancy. See our selection of prenatal and postnatal supplements.

Fitness will help your body be more prepared to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy. Take some gentle exercise such as yoga, walking or gentle swimming.

STIs if left untreated, such as chlamydia, can cause infertility in both partners. You may not even know that you are infected as the symptoms can be similar to cystitis. Indeed, some women suffer no symptoms at all. Carrying out a chlamydia test at this stage can help ensure you and your partner are not infected, and if the test is positive you can seek treatment as soon as possible.

Rubella may have been immunised against when you were younger, but you can have your immunity checked with a blood test before you plan to conceive.

Female Fertility Tests:

Suresign Ovulation Tests 5
Suresign Ovulation Tests 5: For quick and reliable ovulation testing Suresign Ovulation Tests give a result within ten minutes.   More >>>
Price: £7.65 (incl VAT)
Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test  (10)
Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test (10): Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test offers clear results show when you are most fertile, and when to make love in the next 48 hours to maximise the chances of becoming pregnant.   More >>>
Price: £19.30 (incl VAT)
Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test Dual Hormone Indicator 10
Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test Dual Hormone Indicator 10: Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test contains a dual hormone indicator that informs you when your most fertile days are.   More >>>
Price: £24.69 (incl VAT) (Buy 2 or more for £23.46 each)
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