Out on a Limb

Pay attention to your bones and joints this autumn as colder weather can aggravate existing problems or may make injury more likely. Those out jogging must warm up properly and for the rest of us we can help strengthen our bones and joints by remembering to do some form of weight bearing exercise such as dancing or using weights at the gym.

Don't forget that everyone up to the age of 35 or so is still building new bone. So, eating a diet rich in Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D will contribute to healthy bones. Increasing your bone mass index (BMI) at a younger age is beneficial in preventing fractures and the development of diseases such as Osteoporosis.

Vegetarians, smokers, women who regularly drink more than 2 units a day are not always absorbing enough bone building nutrients. Supplementing the diet for these people can be helpful as well as for the elderly and ladies entering the menopause.

Supplements for bones … Supplements for joints …
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Down in the Mouth

Some of us have far from fond memories of wearing braces and suffering with the inevitable brace sores, but for some people mouth ulcers can be a recurrent condition that occurs throughout adulthood. Often triggered by stress, allergy, medication, hormonal changes or just by being run down. These people know only too well the need for pain management and treatment. Even if you only suffer with the occasional ulcer from eating acidic or crispy foods it's useful to know how you can deal with this.

Treat your mouth ulcer

A simple local anaesthetic is usually added to a gel along with a protective barrier to aid healing. If you need a simple one-off treatment then try Bonjela Once, Iglu or Oralmedic.

Or if you are RAU sufferer? (Recurrent Aphthous Ulcers) try Corsodyl Dental Gel or Anbesol Adult Strength Gel.

Prevent a mouth ulcer

  • Get more sleep & avoid stress.
  • Avoid spicy foods.
  • Eat more fruit and veg.
All easier said than done! Help yourself out a little with a Vitamin C and Zinc supplement such as Redoxon Double Action Effervescent Tablets x30 or Lamberts Time Release Vitamin C 500mg with Bioflavonoids to boost your immune system.

As the nights draw in and the weather gets colder we bombard our bodies with temperature changes, stuffy atmospheres and share our germs in enclosed spaces. This is the time that cold sores can be triggered for many suffers as their immune system is challenged to the full.

Treat your cold sore

Antiviral creams containing Penciclovir (Fenistil) or Aciclovir (Zovirax) are the usual over the counter treatments. There is now a medical device called Herpotherm from Germany that applies a concentrated heat source to the area. It will significantly reduce the soreness, tingle and the extent of an attack - scabs may not appear at all or be very, very small!

Prevent a cold sore

Avoiding triggers such as dry, chapped lips caused by wind burn and sunlight - try using a lip balm with sunscreen as such as Chapstick Original with SPF15, Optima Tea Tree Lip Balm with SPF 18 or an intensive moisturiser such as Blistex MedPlus or Vichy Nutrilogie Lips. Some people are susceptible to cold sores when they are ill, menstruating or stressed. Take a multi-vitamin or try Lamberts L-Lysine as studies suggest that this amino acid may be helpful in controlling the herpes simplex-related infections, which is the virus that causes cold sores.

Change your tune …
Do you forget to moisturise more than just your face?

Over the summer people tend to remember to keep their whole body moisturised partly because more of it is on show and they want to look nice as well as needing to protect themselves from the sun.

If your skin has already started to become tighter and rougher why not try an intensive moisturiser such as Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Body Lotion, E45 Endless Moisture Body Milk Fragrance Free or Vichy Lipidiose Nutritive Cream For Very Dry Skin. If you would like to try a sample sachet of Vichy Lipidiose Nutritive Cream and the new Vichy Lipidiose Concentrate please email us at info@expresschemist.co.uk.

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