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May 13th-19th is National Womens Health Week

National Womens Health Week runs from the 13th-19th May; the 2012 theme is ďItís Your Time.Ē

It is your time to make your health a top priority. Make sure you take the correct vitamins and supplements to support and protect your body, take time to eat well, to exercise, to relax and improve your wellbeing and mental health.

Express Chemist can support women in making your health a priority. We offer products for quitting smoking, losing weight, mental wellbeing and supplements that have been specially formulated just for women to care for them at each stage of their life.

Women's Health Week May 13-19, 2012

Neat 3B Action Cream 100g Tub is exclusive to Express Chemist. Do you suffer from sweat rash and chafing of the groin, chafing between legs, between the buttocks and beneath the breasts? Neat 3B is a fragrance free cream from New Zealand that is enriched with Aluminium Chlorohydrate (20%) that helps to prevent sweating that can lead to sweat rash. The generously sized 100g tub cream is suitable for use all year round but is particularly great for sports and hot weather. Neat 3B Action Cream 100g Tub
Vichy Dercos Banner
The Vichy Dercos Technique range offers a selection of treatments, shampoos and conditioners to treat and alleviate symptoms associated with dandruff, sensitive scalps, oily and dry, damaged hair.

Buy any 3 Vichy products and save 5%.
V-Lites Do you want to quit smoking but feel that you canít break the habit of putting a cigarette to your lips?

Why not try Vapourlites e-cigarettes? They give a true sensation of smoking with a real smoke effect. V-lites e-cigarettes contain nicotine in the cartomizer filters to help stop smoking but have no tar, tobacco or carcinogens.
V-Lites Refills Each cartomizer delivers approximately 400 puffs, equivalent to 40 standard cigarettes and can be replaced easily with refills. Vapour lites e-cigarettes are rechargeable via the included USB charger.
Did you know that itís Mental Health Awareness Week from the 21st-28th May?
(Statistics obtained from the UK Mental Health Organisation)
Mental Health
  • Mixed anxiety & depression is the most common mental disorder in Britain, with almost 9% of people meeting criteria for diagnosis.
    (The Office for National Statistics Psychiatric Morbidity report, 2001)
  • Between 8-12% of the population experience depression in any year.
    (The Office for National Statistics Psychiatric Morbidity report, 2001)
  • It is estimated that approximately 450 million people worldwide have a mental health problem.
    (World Health Organisation, 2001)
  • One in ten children between the ages of one and fifteen has a mental health disorder.
    (The Office for National Statistics Mental health in children and young people in Great Britain, 2005)
Rhodiola Rosea Sometimes it can be enough to take a herbal supplement such as Avena Sativa, St Johnís Wort or Rhodiola Rosea to support and ease your mild depression and/or anxiety, if in doubt contact The Samaritans or speak to your GP.
Zambesia Botanica Zambesia Botanica offer a range of skin care products derived from the Kigelia Africana (sausage) tree. The bark, roots and fruit of this tree have been used by generations of Africans for its benefits on dry skin in particular.

The Zambesia Botanica range is also highly beneficial for sufferers of dermatitis, urticaria, eczema and psoriasis as it helps to alleviate the symptoms associated with these skin conditions such as flaking, irritation and sensitivity.
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