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Put an end to persistent perspiration with Odaban Antiperspirant Spray - the ideal way to combat excessive sweating…

With a once or twice weekly application you can tackle:

  • Underarm wetness
  • Sweaty back
  • Shiny face
  • Clammy hands

And the good news is by cutting out the sweating you reduce the chances of developing other unsightly, embarrassing or uncomfortable conditions such as sweat rash, chafing, athletes foot, nail fungal infections and foot odour.

It's the pits!

If you suffer sensitive, sore armpits from shaving or chafing try the Vichy range of Deodorants designed for sensitive or depilated skin - 48 hour protection for women and men.

A breath of fresh air ...

Magicool Hot Weather Cooler & Freshener provides immediate relief when you are hot and bothered. Just a quick spray whenever you need it.

Sunny and humid weather can trigger heat rash or prickly heat. Soothe and treat the irritating symptoms with Magicool Prickly Heat.

Found your place in the sun?

Make sure you and yours are protected with a convenient once-a-day formula from Ultrasun… Sun-reactive skin can still enjoy the outdoors with Ultrasun 28 Super Sensitive specifically formulated for those who suffer prickly heat and can be worn under make-up. Ladies who enjoy the sun can bathe safely with Ultrasun Face 30 Anti-Aging Formula and for their beach body Ultrasun 17 Sensitive will protect the skin from burning and enhance your colour with its fine light reflecting particles!

A subject not to be sniffed at …

Nature may be springing back to life, but this explosion of pollen into the summer air may drive you crazy and affect your mood, stop you sleeping and generally make your life a misery. We stock a range of antihistamine preparations as well as natural hayfever treatments to make life easier.

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