Whether at home or away it can be a jungle out there…

Enjoying the long summer nights makes some of us vulnerable to biting insects.

Keep the bugs at bay with Mosquito Milk ...

All you need is a single stripe along each area of the body and the insects are deterred for up to 8 hours!

  • Tropical strength roll-on containing 20% DEET and geranium oil.
  • Roller ball applicator allows easy, no-mess, no waste application

For children and pregnant women who should not use DEET there are now a plenty of alternative insect repellents such as Neem Care Insect Repellent or Mosi-Guard Natural Insect Repellent Spray.

For some of us it's not just friends and in-laws we could be entertaining over the barbeque ...

Wasps and bees love those spare rib sauces, fizzy drinks and ice lollies - it can drive them crazy - and if you're stung you could end up with a nasty reminder of their visit! Relieve the itch and soothe the swelling with Savlon Bites & Stings Pain Relief Gel. Do you react to stings? Then try Hc45 Hydrocortisone Cream or Lanacort Cream specially formulated to relieve reactions.

Not all plain sailing! Journeys can be hell if you suffer with travel sickness or sea sickness.

When a journey from A to B is more like Aberdeen to Bangkok than Accrington to Burnley you and yours will welcome something to help prevent nausea and dizziness. Tablets or pastilles are usually taken prior to travelling.

Traveleeze are pleasant strawberry flavour chewy pastilles easy for children over 12 to take and for younger children 4-10 years they can try Kwells Kids or from the age of 3 upwards Joy-Rides are chewable raspberry flavoured tablets. Other tablets such as Stugeron 15 and Avomine are suitable for older members of the family.

For an alternative try Bioforce Ginger Tincture.

Make no bones about it ...

June is National Osteoporosis Month, which is a reminder to us all that ensuring as adequate intake of Calcium and Vitamin D combined with weight bearing exercises can make all the difference for the future health of our bones. Osteocare from Vitabiotics provide a range of convenient supplements with bone strengthening calcium and magnesium.

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