Flying High, Feeling Fine!

For those of us jetting off this summer there are few handy things you could* take to help make your journey more comfortable inflight, whether it be long or short haul. Some of these products can also be used when you reach your destination too.

*Always check with the Airline(s) you are flying with as they may have their own restrictions on hand luggage contents.

Here's our cabin bag selection:

Cabin Bag Selection Group ShotEyes - can suffer terribly in the dry air of the cabin. Contact lens wearers are particularly prone to suffering with dry, stinging eyes. Try removing lens if you can whilst flying. Otherwise use eye drops or a spray such as Clarymist (see photo) to provide moisture and comfort.

Ears - Cabin pressure causes air in body cavities to expand and as a result can cause pain in the ears especially when landing and taking-off. Special ear plugs called EarPlanes can help to alleviate this pain. They also help to reduce noise.

Dehydration - Cabin air is not humidified so it is easy to become dehydrated. Keep inside and outside hydrated by drinking plenty of water and use creams, gels or lip balms on the skin.

Hands - It is not always easy to keep hands clean and fresh during a long flight. Try an antibacterial such as Cuticura Gel and Wipes or for those who suffer with eczema try SkinSure Ultra. Keeping hands free from germs can help avoid picking up a cold whilst travelling.

Gets you right between the toes…

Lamisil OnceAthletes foot can lead to fungal toenail infections as well as being an uncomfortable condition. Treating this is easy…

Lamisil Once (£8.99) is your best bet if you're the impatient kind. It's a single dose treatment that will actively work on your feet for up to 13 days after treatment and helps lower re-infection rates. If you are suffering with redness and swelling try using a triple action cream such as Daktacort HC £4.79 to calm the inflammation as well as treat the infection.

Prevention made easy with a choice of applications.

Simply include a foot powder such as Mycota Powder or a cream such as Mycota Cream as part of your morning regime. If you want to use a spray then a product such as Scholl Odour Control Foot Spray will help prevent foot odour and therefore the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Have you already got a nail infection? Then try Curanail £14.72 or ClearZal £15.75.

Canesten DuoUnmentionable? Uncomfortable?

No one wants to suffer with Thrush, especially whilst trying to enjoy your holiday. Canesten Duo is a convenient pack containing a tablet to clear the attack systemically (from within the body) and a cream to soothe the itching and inflammation in the area. Remember to treat your partner too otherwise you'll keep re-infecting each other!

Buy a single pack for £9.99 or save 10% if you treat you and your partner and buy 2 packs for £18.00.

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