A Riot of Resolutions and Wishful Thinking ...

If keeping to your New Year’s Resolutions feels like a chore then maybe the thought of discovering a treatment or product that really works for you might spur you on! Some of the active ingredients in the following products may surprise you ...

Sustainable Solution for Eczema Sufferers  The long-term use of steroids for treating eczema and dry skin conditions is not advised. There are now creams and sprays with alternative active ingredients on the market. Plant extracts play an important part in providing healing relief.

Tea Tree & Silica
Linola Gamma
Evening Primrose Oil
Manuka Honey
Zambesia Botanica
Kigelia Africana (Sausage Tree)

Stop the itch, stop the scratch - then healing can begin. Sometimes all you need is something to stop the itch and allow the skin to heal such as Eurax. The active ingredient Crotamiton 10% w/w acts as an antipruritic i.e. anti-itching ingredient.

- Santasapina Syrup
- Ivy-Thyme Complex
- Plantago Tincture
- Drosinula Syrup

Frog in your throat?
Lost for words?

Get it off your chest with an A.Vogel Remedy ... Tinctures and syrups to target catarrh and coughs of various kinds.

Keep Yourself Regular
and Boost Your Immunity Too!

If you suffer from constipation, bloating or wind a simple addition of a Pre-biotic and Pro-biotic to your diet could get you through the day more comfortably.

- DTECTA Opticbac
- DTECTA Immunox
- Bioforce Molkosan Vitality

Help Towards a Healthy Head of Hair
For hereditary hairloss

or "Androgenic Alopecia", Minoxidil 5% (see Regaine Extra Strength) has been clinically proven to encourage regrowth and Caffeine* (see Alpecin) has been clinically proven to stimulate hair growth and improve the strength of existing hair.*Alpecin contains a caffeine-based ingredient.

A Simple Recipe for "Womens Problems"
The natural balance in the vagina can be affected by the monthly cycle causing distressing and sometimes embarrassing vaginal discharge. You can now avoid and treat attacks of Thrush and Bacterial Vaginosis with several new products offering alternative methods of treatment.

Femigel Topida Balance Activ
- Mild Thrush Treatment
- Dryness
Tea Tree Oil.
- Thrush Prevention
- Thrush Treatment
Three types of Tea Tree Oil, Sandalwood, Calendula and Lavender Oils.
- BV Bacterial Vaginosis
- Odour
Lactic Acid, Glycogen

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