Christmas Gifts
Suss out the Santa list favourites… Probably not knitted jumpers, scarves or novelty ties!

Fragrances Beddy Bears & Buddies Skincare Sensual
Perfect Perfume, Alluring Aftershave Loveable, Huggable Warming Creatures Perfect Pampering Please your Partner and Yourself

Seasonal Survival - stock up the cupboard!
Christmas Dinner is finished and the last of the Turkey scraps have been made into yet another culinary masterpiece… You and your family maybe in need of something from the medicine cabinet.

Hard to digest? Yuletide Makes us Gluttons for Punishment…

Festive Flatulence
Ease the after affects of feasting with Rennie Deflatine or Windsetlers.

Boxing Day Blues
Settle a sore tum with Bisodol Extra.
Hogmanay Hangover
Relieve your aching head with Nurofen.
Bulging and a bit bunged-up below? Get things moving with Senokot Dual Relief Tablets.

Red-eye remedy with Murine Eye Drops.

Thrills or Chills? It might be just your luck to wake up on Christmas morning with a stinking cold. Mix yourself a soothing Beechams.

Sip few teaspoons of Covonia to cure a cough.

Plasters at the ready! Carving accidents, present wrapping and the kids getting over excited. Savlon Advanced for super wound healing and Savlon Advance Healing Gel.

Steri-Strips to close open cuts.

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